Heads up queens! It’s about time you rock that dream slender waist silhouette. Yes, those annoying stubborn fats are about to be busted all thanks to the Yianna women’s underbust latex waist trainer. Because your beauty concerns are important, this product is simply made with spiral flex boning support and a flexible bending form for good body support; giving away the Kim Kardashian kind of body at a snap of a finger.

But who says I need a waist trainer?

Naturally, we are made to have different body forms, and hitherto, not much could be done to modify these body configurations. So if muffin tops are sticking out through your dress and you find it embarrassing rocking your beautiful tank tops on summer holidays. Then, Yianna latex waist trainer is just on the spot to fix that up and have you crushing over yourself the whole day.

If you are also determined to see an instant result from your gym activities then, the assisting role of this latex waist trainer will effectively accelerate the fat burning process. These are just a tip of the iceberg into the numerous gains you are about to amass from making friends with Yianna women’s latex waist trainer.


With a wave of the magic wand, your hourglass figure is yours to behold…

Yianna waist trainer is made with superior latex rubber, cotton and spandex material for the comfortable wear at any time and under any outfit. The waist trainer is delicately designed to give immediate abdominal compression and also take some inches off the waistline to create you that delectable hourglass figure. Yes! Just a wave of the wand and your sexy body form stands before your eyes.

Your posture gets a boost too

Bent or slouching posture the are drear of women that sit or stand for long at work, Yianna waist trainer is deliberate in correcting that anomaly with its flexible metal bones designed to provide compression on the waist and support to the back. This product also effectively provides lumbar support for a better posture. So, when all these falls in place, a renewed confidence you will have to flaunt your curves because looking good is crucial to better and a secured personality.

Your workouts finally got some results

Are you on the verge of stopping your work out activities? Now, it is totally in order to be tempted to give up when expected results are a bit late in manifesting.  Yianna latex waist trainer corset belt is designed to be your ideal work out companion, as it helps to increase blood flow during exercises. Similarly, the compression this product gives on the abdomen encourages excess sweat and fat burning for a benefiting workout.


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A great help in postpartum recovery

For new mothers, those adorable dresses can be worn soon after Angie’s birth so you’ve got nothing to worry about, as Yianna waist trainer got you all covered. Apart from taking some visible inches off the waist for an impressive 8 figure, the latex waist trainer is also effective in diminishing the swelling around the tummy area as well as tightening it. This continual constriction on the waistline is deliberate in reducing the fat around the midsection over time and it also gives the abs all the support and compression it needs to get the prenatal shape back.

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The bust line gets groovy again

The three hook and eye closures with the premium underbust design are careful in enhancing the bustline by helping to raise the bust and keeping the bra in place. This latex waist trainer works by making the chest more erect, appealing and also folding in the armpit and the back fat to create a pleasant curvy impression. Thereby, concealing the weak areas of the body and promoting positively the good spots for an appreciable feminine silhouette.

So you can have your confidence and self- esteem intact

Nothing reduces confidence like a seemingly unattractive body structure, because pleasant compliments are sweet to hear, sure! It boosts the way we appreciate ourselves. So if you are you interested in having those delightful words coming your way and setting necks turning too. Then Yianna latex waist trainer is just the solution that guarantees. The special non-slip interior grid surface of the product is great in helping you look gorgeous, accentuating your natural curves and giving clothes a perfect fit on your body. You have also the advantage of a wide wardrobe choice as the problem of not fitting perfectly into some clothes will no longer be experienced. This breathable latex waist trainer helps you fit beautifully and comfortably into any outfit. Its stretchy fabric remains in place all day long for a seamless and satisfying experience


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Even psychological benefits

Yianna corset is intentional in giving you control over your cravings and, the amount of food you take. How does this work? With the visible result of the waist training, you will naturally develop complementary attitudes for a consistent result.

It also works by limiting the amount of food consumed. This is caused by the compression on the waist region.

Regulates abdominal cramps

Don’t you all love the sound of that… nothing sucks like menstrual cramps when you have a lot beckoning for your attention. Well, Yianna waist corset is consistent in reducing abdominal cramps. The steel bone in the waist trainer acts by putting pressure on the abdomen and the pressure helps subside the pain

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How safe are these waist trainers?

With Yianna latex waist trainer, you don’t have to worry about an accidental slip of the steel bones bruising your skin. Because the product is discreetly made with a superior material for a safe and satisfying use all day long. The product is careful not to betray its presence under your dress with bulges thanks to the seamless feel it gives.

How to maintain it

To have your latex waist trainer give consistent results, it is important to wash the product with cold water, hand wash is preferred, to keep the bones in place.

With sexy slender looks trending, every woman has the right to look beautiful in her gorgeous hourglass shape. And because your confidence is very important, you need to create for yourself that desirable body form and have all eyes on you.


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