For the everyday woman, comfort is everything. But here’s the twist, what if instead of feeling just ‘comfortable’ in clothes, you could actually look beautiful in them as well. It’s a scientific fact that women gain weight easier and faster than the men, their bodies are just designed that way. Hence it’s often a conscious decision to hide your muffin tops, love handles and any extra stack of flesh that may be hanging around. This effort often takes a whole lot of ammunition to fix, but what if there’s a much easier solution with which you can achieve your dream body with little or no hassle.


What most waist trainers have in common is that they are heavily padded which makes breathing generally difficult even as they constrict the torso region, but unlike popular opinion shapewears, the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 is designed to seamlessly match every curve and edge your body offers and illuminate them accordingly. This piece or exposé more like is all about this shapewear and how it streamlines the curves of the everyday woman.

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Why choose the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292

There are quite a lot of reasons why one would choose the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 above other options but here are the most obvious ones. This shapewear is very light, highly seamless and practically invisible under garments. It has features to accommodate so much functionality ranging from thigh slimming to tummy flattening, waist reduction to back support. There are a lot of birds which you can kill with this particular shapewear and with its features, you’ll get to see how much of an all-rounder the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 is.


Before, going the extra mile of purchasing an item, you must have reviewed its features and functionalities, just to ensure it has all that you’re looking for. This particular shapewear has a lot of features which we’re going to highlight. They include:

  1. The Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 is predominantly made of nylon materials. Well, 76% of it is, while the other 24%is made of high quality spandex.
  2. This shapewear is split into 3 parts. It has a cup part which holds and accentuates the feminine bosoms, the tummy and torso part which slims the waist and flattens the tummy and lastly, it also has a thigh part which acts as a pair of leggings.
  3. For the cup region, the top cup is fully made of nylon which the bottom part is a 100% polyester. However, for the inner support it is made of cotton and polyester, with the latter in a higher percentage.
  4. Coming down to its crotch region, you can find that it’s made of a 100% cotton.
  5. The cups are actually wireless with an inner band which lifts and supports the bosoms. They also have all round support panels.
  6. The multi part cups have a transversal seam and it equally has a breathable lace finish at the top.
  7. Its surface is very slick hence it doesn’t stick to clothes.
  8. The Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 comes with 7/8” wide adjustable straps at the front.
  9. Its silicone elastic lace stretch on the inner legs prevent the shapewear from riding up when walking, sitting or standing.
  10. It has no side seams or boning.

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  1. The Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 covers multiple areas at once. It’s like a shapewear that really gets your body.
  2. It offers support to the breasts, slims the waist line, flattens the tummy and torso, and still has enough ability and stretch to slim the thighs, giving an all in one slimming and support finish.
  3. Its fabric is very smooth and slick and it doesn’t stick to clothes regardless of the material.
  4. This shapewear has a long torso region which accommodates and slims everything within that region.
  5. Its crisscross panels gives it that extra support.
  6. It has a hook and eye crotch closure which enables going to the bathroom much more convenient.
  7. It doesn’t ride up.
  8. Its adjustable straps do not dig into the flesh or cause any form of discomfort.


  1. It runs longer and won’t be a great choice if the buyer is 5ft3 or below.

How to wear

va bien

Just like any other bodysuit, the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 will be worn through the legs first. It’s easy to pull it up and work the straps to your discretion. It is really easy and one won’t need any additional help when putting it on because the straps are in the front.

Know your size

From the breast size to the torso and thigh area, this shapewear accommodates women of diverse sizes. For the cup area, the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 has sizes from the 34B down to 46DD. Hence, the overall fit will be dependent on the online size chart.





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Real life reviews

Here are some reviews from individuals with verified purchases of the Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292.

  • Violetcherry on September 30th 2016

Surprisingly comfortable

“I’ve worn this corset several times since I got it and, while it is a bit cumbersome to get into, it does everything it is supposed to do. It smooths, it squeezes, it lifts and supports, and it is incredibly comfortable. Using the restroom is actually okay, too. I know I’ll be using this for a lot of my outfits. I feel very “Madonna” in it and will likely wear it with the bra peeking out of a nice jacket sometime.”

  • K on August 31st 2016

It’s by far the best body shaper I’ve ever bought

“It’s by far the best body shaper I ever bought. Fits perfectly, back is low enough for an open back dress, hold my thighs on the right place and doesn’t roll up…. I just wish the cups had boosters…to make my boobs perkier. I will definitely be buying a black one…wish the price is lower.”

There you have it, your very own Va Bien Secret Shaper Long Leg Body Shaper 1292 review.


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