We’re wondering just how prepared you are for the summer season that is renowned for announcing its hot presence with the high temperatures, leaving you sweaty most of the time. This humidity often poses a lot of discomfort to your dress freedom, and because your peace is important, you naturally find yourself desiring some liberty in your wardrobe compliance.  But then, this liberty in free breathable dresses witnesses some avoidable obstructions and malfunctions, from thigh chaffing to flared dress lifting, leaving you with regrets and frustrations. Well, the good news therein is that some things relegated to grandma’s dress closet are done to your utmost detriment, as this all season dependable slip shorts are the only thing that saves the day always.


Did you say slip shorts? Yes, you heard me. And you must keep in mind that I do not refer to your Granny’s old shorts, but the premium designed under summer women’s slip pants. The seam-free, thigh protection polyester, and spandex made product are careful in rendering your peace, comfort, and style all day long.

Nay! No thigh hurting anywhere again…
 Absolutely dreadful is the experience of having your thigh rubbing each other as you walk, at its worst during the summer season owing to excess heat and perspiration. This obviously is the season you want to dress in free garments like a flared skirt or dress.  With this quality guaranteed slip shorts, you don’t need to worry about thigh chaffing anymore as the product is specifically designed with a seam-free inner superior thigh protection to prevent your thighs from rubbing or chaffing. So you see, those dark thighs that have been rumored to be caused by frequent thigh chaffing is finally gotten near extermination, thanks to this exclusive under summer luxurious shortlettes.
It’s important to reassure you of this product’s effectiveness in flattering and enhancing your figure with the help of its front seams. This does not in any way suggest some compression effect or constriction as the product is not shapewear in any regard but it offers some delectability to your curves while hugging your thighs.

Extra coverage advantage: wardrobe malfunctions don’t give an invite before presenting its awkward effect. Some hot days could get you clad in flared dresses only to have the hem or the whole flared part of the dress lifted up by the breeze to your embarrassment. But, this story is different when you have the lightweight cool breathable slip shorts underneath your dress to act as coverage during the accidental dress up- tossing. You will save yourself some awkward feeling because you didn’t give away every bit of details about your underneath after all.


Slip shorts
are so generational and have never disappointed in offering protection against the unattractive VPL (visible pant line), that derives pleasure in flaunting its ugly presence, giving its way out through your dress. This situation can only be averted with the help of the extra coverage of the slip shorts, playing the role of an additional layer underneath the clothe and concealing everything under the dress. This premium quality slip shorts are discreet in ensuring your legs stays protected during activities. It also acts as some barrier between your skin and itchy wool garments.

Have you been faced with an ugly situation at the park where you suddenly find kids pointing and laughing at your flared skirt getting caught in your bum?  Or you going about your regular activities without the slightest clue that your behind is giving out a lot of comic relief to your male colleagues.  I bet, that is no pleasant experience at all, and will not be repeating itself with the presence of this ultra-soft, comfy fit of under summer slip shorts.  The product is deliberate in keeping your clothes in place and offering you consistent protection from wardrobe malfunctions.

Under summer slip shorts provides better comfort than the regular pair of knickers, and great protection in holding your pad in place, giving you a feeling of completeness, confidence, and assurance.

Since this product is poised to rendering you the best comfort in every wearing, it is made with special moisture-wicking technology to prevent dampness and unpleasant odor but deliberate in keeping you fresh and at peace with yourself all day. So you can have performed all you must without worries.

Despite not being shapewear or girdle, the silky soft fabric of this slip shorts is effective in accentuating your curves thereby triggering self-love and engendering maximum confidence. And a boosted confidence encourages better working performance.

For your exquisite slip shorts to be consistent in its promises, it is recommended that you have it machine washed to sustain elasticity and to avoid bleaching. So you don’t just let the sweet summer sun happen roughly to your thighs but, make deliberate plans to pampering it, hugging it and keeping it silky soft with this promising product.


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