ann chery powernet full bodysuit geraldine 1018

Ann Chery Women’s Geraldine Body Shaper

This waist slimming shapewear is a compression bodysuit that will smooth both midsection and hips as it tightens your thighs. It takes off inches instantly, enhancing butt, breasts and legs, creating the shape that you’re looking for. This tummy control shapewear by Ann Chery features an abdominal zipper that adds extra support and makes it…

CoCoon Full Body High Compression Shapewear

Co’Coon Full Body High Compression Shapewear

It can be a challenge to find quality postpartum or post-surgery shapewear, but the Co’Coon Full Body High Compression Shapewear – 2193 offers the ideal combination of the all-over support typical of high compression shapewear with slimming coverage that will help you remain comfortable and promote your body’s quest to regain firmness. This example of…

Top 10 Best Body Shapers in 2018 Reviews – Best Shapewear For Tummy Control

What is A Waist Trainer?

There has been increased buzz around waist trainers. With the increase in celebrity endorsements and social media advertising they are become more popular by the day. But what is waist training? It is important to know the history and purpose behind the latex waist cincher to understand if it is an appropriate choice for you….

CoCoon Everyday Support Tummy Control Camisole

Co’coon ShapEager Faja T-Shirt Seamless Straps BIO-Crystals

Want shapewear that slims and smooths, but is still practical and comfortable for everyday wear? The Co’Coon Everyday Support Camisole – 2501 delivers on all fronts. This cute Co’Coon Shapewear camisole is perfect for wearing under dresses, blouses or casual tees. You can even sport it solo as part of your regular workout gear. Adjustable…

ann chery latex tummy control cami shaper cindy 1023

Ann Chery 1023 Women’s Sexy Powernet Body Shaper Cindy

Searching the internet for the very best tummy control shapewear can certainly be overwhelming. The Ann Chery Latex Tummy Control Cami Shaper Cindy 1023, however is your final stop in the lengthy search. These amazing camis have multible benefits including an apparent reduction in accumulated fat in the back, enhanced posture support, and high back…

CoCoon Classic Latex Waist Cincher for Tummy Control

Co’coon 1512 Classic Latex Waist Trimmer

The Co’Coon Classic Latex Waist Cincher 1512 is an anti-allergy shapewear garment for individuals who want all the advantages of waist slimming shapewear but have an allergy or intolerance to latex. It makes use of anti-allergen latex to retain all the advantages of a latex waist cincher without any of the health-related disadvantages. Hook and…

ann chery total body control full bodysuit shapewear 1020

Ann Chery Total Body Control Full Bodysuit Shapewear

Maintain your confidence as your body changes with alarming speed during pregnancy with this sleek maternity shapewear. This Ann Chery total body control bodysuit 1020 is perfect at hiding problem areas on hips, waist, arms and even thighs. A hidden zipper in the abdominal area of this bodysuit insures that it can be put on…

ann chery womens shapewear butt boosting full body shaper alexa 3009

Ann Chery Women’s Butt Boosting Full Body Shaper Alexa 3009

Are you looking for a product that will shape your waist, hips and thighs while making your derriere look great? Good news, the Ann Chery Women’s Shapewear Butt Boosting Full Body Shaper Alexa 3009 is just what you need. This little gem will do all of those things: shape your waist, hips and thighs while giving a…