There are a ton of options women could go for with respect to shapewear and other forms of constrictions. One option that will always remain resourceful and efficient is SPANX. SPANX is one of the greatest inventions in the world and thankfully it us to the benefit of the female gender. However, if you think you’ve experienced SPANX, try the SPANX Higher Power Capri. This shapewear aims at sucking up all the excess beauty you’re made of and revealing a whole new you, a curvier you, a toner you.


This shapewear offers some pretty amazing features and it goes up to the waist and tummy regions, offering support and a slimming effect. It is a foot-less, body shaping pantyhose which has tummy control abilities, hence giving it its shapewear title. In essence, if you’re tired of having fat spill out in certain areas or if you need to be a size smaller to fit into certain clothes, then the SPANX Higher Power Capri is all you need. This shapewear is convenient, effective and very affordable. This piece is about exploring everything this undergarment possesses, its core features, characteristics, pros, cons, the works. Let’s get to it.

Why you should choose the SPANX Higher Power Capri?

spanx back

Before you go further to purchase an item, you must have figured out its features and advantages over similar products in the market. At a glance, one reason why you should definitely cop this product while it’s still available is because it’s the fusion of leggings and a shapewear, hence its versatility has just increased. You could wear this under any and everything that doesn’t require a show of legs, and look smashing in it as well. The SPANX Higher Power Capri was designed with the inspiration of a pantyhose which had its feet cut off, just in an effort to look better in white pants. This innovative design came from the one and only Sara Blakely. Let’s move ahead to its features, just to seal the deal.

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  1. 85% of the SPANX Higher Power Capri is made of high quality Nylon while 15% of it is made of LYCRA Spandex and Elastane.
  2. It has a transparent tail section which is comfortable and seamless enough to be untraceable under garments.
  3. This leggings is made of premium quality material which is breathable, non-suffocating, very lightweight and highly impenetrable.
  4. This same material is very aerated and allows free movement.
  5. The torso region much thicker than the transparent part, giving the host that gripping and suctioning effect.
  6. It can be worn under long dresses, pant trousers, and a whole lot of clothing options.
  7. It comes in two colors, black and nude.
  8. It has a comfortable and firm waistband which secures the fit.
  9. It has an adjustable leg band which customizes its length.
  10. The SPANX Higher Power Capri pant leggings has a visible cotton blend to its outlook and design.


  1. It can be worn under a variety of outfits.
  2. It is seamless as it leaves an illusion and not an illustration.
  3. Its waistband is soft and comfortable and doesn’t dig into the skin.
  4. The SPANX Higher Power Capri comes in 7 distinct sizes lettered from A to G.
  5. This pantyhose controls the thighs, flattens the tummy and gives an overall sculpt look. It gives an airbrush effect to cellulite for that flawless finish.
  6. It really slims the waistline and gives an effortless hourglass figure.
  7. It eliminates any form of visible panty lines.
  8. After wash, it should not be ironed.


  1. It needs to be hand washed and line dried.
  2. It can be very fragile.

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How to wear?

The SPANX Higher Power Capri can be worn like any other piece of Pantalon, but unlike your average pair of trousers or joggers, this high waist pantyhose needs a more careful approach.

spanx side

Know your size

The SPANX Higher Power Capri comes in 7 distinct sizes for women of different body types and shapes. These sizes are lettered A-G and its specifics can be found on the product’s website. However, this shapewear covers heights from 4ft 10inches to 6ft, and also accommodates weights from 95-325 pounds.


What does it cost?

This SPANX Higher Power Capri can be found on multiple retail outlets worldwide, however on the company site and even on Amazon, this pantyhose shapewear goes for a token of $28. It is super affordable for its range of features and functionality.

Real life reviews

Here are a few real life reviews of the SPANX Higher Power Capri by some individuals who made verified purchases.

  • Lori on December 31st .

Thanx Spanxxx!!!!

“I learned a lesson this year for the Army Ball… if the event is at 7p, do not load up on margaritas and delicious Mexican food at 4p. However, if you have these Spanx, you can do ANYTHING and still look fabulous anytime. I had no evidence of food baby, my butt looked like I have been working out, and all my curves were smooth… and I was so comfortable! I am 5’5″ and 140 lbs and wore size B.”

  • Hennigan on June 24

Honestly deserves 10 STARS!!!!!

“This undergarment is fabulous!!!… It was perfect for wearing under a white jumpsuit I wore to a graduation … There was no air conditioning in the place and usually wearing a full body undergarment will cause me to sweat terribly … but to my amazement this garment was extremely comfortable but FIRM and NO LINES and NO SWEATING !!! I’m usually a size 8/10 range but I purchased the beige/ large and it was perfect …and the value and quality was even more amazing!!! I give it 10 stars!!! I plan to make another purchase in another color!!!”


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The SPANX Higher Power Capri has a great base for functionality and it actually gets the seamless job done. With this piece you can feel comfortable with your muffin tops and love handles because it’ll all disappear.


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