Hello gorgeous! Its about time you got value and satisfaction for your money. Believe me when I tell you that regrets and disappointment from previous purchases have finally gotten a lasting solution and you are about to daze your yourself with the body transforming look made possible by sonryse slimming bra shapewear and bodysuit.

This all in one wrap physique enhancement apparel is discreetly fashioned with superior quality powernet exterior, invisible and flat seams, and anti-roll silicone lace brand to facilitate a smooth evenly proportioned body structure in a flash of five minutes.


You see, with this ultra soft bodysuit, that your fashion idol’s body form can also be yours. This product promises a lot of benefits among which are:

Posture enhancing: the inner microfiber lining and the high comprehension technology in the shapewear is very effective in straightening the back and waist while shaping to make slouching impossible for those who spend great deal of their day standing or sitting at work or anywhere. Ensuring that you have your beautiful shape always.


Complete body makeover:  any woman dissatisfied with her body form can finally drool over herself with a new found figure made possible by this high comprehension body shaper. Designed to give your back support and comfort for a well transformed attractive and gorgeous body.

Oops! My blouse isn’t tucked in … Now, all in the past.  I don’t think there is anything annoying as a blouse that refuses to remain tucked in, thanks to the anti-roll silicone lace brand bodysuit, your blouses and t-shirts aren’t giving way anymore.

A lifesaving “snap” this 100% Colombian high tech shaper can only offer you the best by taking into consideration your need to heed to the call of nature when it beckons. As we understand that no woman is comfortable having to pull down undergarments for the sake of using the convenience. To this regard, the bodysuit makes provision of “snaps”/ open crotch to enable restrooms activities. All you need do is to just unsnap the crotch and pee in peace.

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Your unfailing seamless look: when you are told that bodysuits can be worn both in the night and the day, this demands that the seams remain attached underneath to keep the cloth in place. Taking cognisance of the way in which dresses like tank tops shifts and moves about when you not wearing a bodysuit. Fortunately, this product comes with inner microfiber lining to guarantee the tank top remains in place, and allow you slay you effortlessly.

layering even got better!
Your body is about to get fancier when decked with this amazing lifesaving bodysuit. That is also of great assistance to low cut armholes, plunging neck dresses and provide an instant wardrobe promotion for you. With this breathable special bodysuit, you have the right to glam yourself any way you choose to.  It is also wonderful wearing a firm underwear beneath a sheer blouse or gown, a great one-piece garment that gives you the liberty to throw anything on with it, skirt or a jean making sure that you are fashionable and comfortable all the time.  You could wear it as a layering under jackets to warm you during the winter season, or as a more fitting camisole and you don’t have to worry about tucking as the snap crotch ensures a no -edge flying out of your blouse.

Its also gives you the sexy feel. This shapewear promises you the pear shaped figure in an instant and fulfils it through the high tech compression effect on the abdomen, taking off some inches from your waistline and giving you a total body makeover you will drool over the whole day.

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Your delectable body is coming back after Angel’s birth: you don’t have to settle with the post -pregnancy induced fat around your body, believe it or not, you can create back your dream body or get your pre pregnancy body in a jiffy   with this quality guaranteed shapewear. The fava 11080 is deliberate in aiding effective recovery and enhancing the performance of every tummy surgical treatment. This it ensures through a comfortable C-section girdle, an effective post partum girdles, and a great support the girdle gives for post tummy tuck or liposuction.

It is simply the best in addressing the flabby fats around the tummy, back and sides. The exclusive design midsection shapewear comes with double abs adjustment and excellent breathable fabric that is consistent in enabling extraordinary combination of durability and maximum comfort.

To meet your body needs always, the premium quality bodysuit is designed with SKINVITACARE, a powerful component in the product that is strategically fixed to moisturize your body and give it a gentle feel while shaping you.

Be always confident… Nothing sucks and is defeating as a little self uncertainty. It kills every ray of hope, suppresses your will power and constantly reminds you of the deceptive “cannot” do spirit. But this exceptional design of bodysuit is effective in covering your weak areas and accentuating the good parts, particularly the bust line and enhancing the butt too for a gorgeously flattering feminine silhouette. When you know that you look good, it automatically makes you perform better.


With that in the know, its time to get purposeful in adorning your body with the best and most performing body enhancing product for that drop bomb body any day.


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