Through the ages fashionable women have always searched for ways to make themselves evenly beautiful and be able to walk confidently. Because, confidence is crucial for every individual’s wellbeing and performance. For the woman, confidence is not only developed when you have wealth of knowledge about any subject but also when you know you look good. Recently, the women fashion demand has prioritized the quest for waist slimming and training.


The desire which is traceable to the 16th century in France, when the wife of King Henry 11, Queen Catherine De Medici, placed a ban on thick and unsightly waist at the court forcing women to look for slimming solutions. They initially wore “stays” and later in the 19th century it metamorphosed into full blown corsets. Currently, all thanks to the open attestation of its efficacy by celebrities, waist training solutions have gotten better and in high demand too, especially with the instantaneous provision of a pleasant looking body. So, if you are still in search of a quality waist slimming product to create you that snap of a finger hourglass shape, shaperx seamless firm control shapewear is up to the rescue.


Why do I need to a shapewear, what is it and how does it work?  

Our seamless sexy looking garment is made in thong styles, with removable and adjustable straps to give you that perfect look. Our shapewear also comes with an open burst style for you to pair with your most preferred bra for an evenly custom adornment and it fits seamlessly under the clothes.



Our shapewear is effective at taking 3 to 4 inches off your waist as soon as you wear it, thereby giving you that most desired hourglass figure in a flash of a moment. It also enables you burn calories faster by stimulating perspiration around the abdomen, making you sweat harder. Consistent use of our seamless bodysuit overtime will cause your body to slim in at the waist and the frequent constriction on your abdomen will earn you a slimmer midsection eventually.

It’s also important to stress here, that our products are safe, provided it is your true size and fitting. As the accurate size is a major guarantee for its effectiveness and safety to your health and well-being.

Our Jshaperx seamless bodysuit shapewear is discreetly designed with three slimming seamless layers to give comfort, smooth feel, and sculpt, it also comes with latex lining to expedite weight loss, latex, nylon and spandex to provide maximum firm control among other array of benefits like:

Slimming effects are readily available: we understand that the desire of most woman is to rock a slender figure with a slimmed waistline. For that reason, our latex bodysuit bod shaper slimmer is specifically made to shape the midsection with emphasis on firm tummy control to make bold your natural curves and provide you with that breath-taking slimmed body.

In addition to that, our seamless bodysuit introduces constriction to the abdomen causing the elimination of muffin tops as it prevents your belly from sticking out.


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Back support: some work demands often put a strain on your back or spine, some could have been triggered by a previous accident situation. Our quality guaranteed shapewear is very effective at providing instant abdominal compression while comfortably supporting your spine. The steel bone aids to strengthen your back and give reliefs from vertebral fractures, slipped disc and correct the spinal curve. It also supports the lumbar, especially for women whose job prescription includes prolong standing, sitting, bending or heavy lifting’s the shapewear gradually improves their physical body which invariably enhances their endurance.

Weight loss made easy: are you one of those women that are wearied with what seems as a “no result” weight control? You are about to have a rethink. Judging from the compression of the tummy by our premium quality seamless bodysuit, you will find it constraining to consume large portions of food. As it restricts your appetite and effortlessly introduces portion control via weight loss



Posture improvement: slouching is common among women that are given to prolonged sitting situations however, the metal bones in our breathable smooth feeling shapewear is deliberate at correcting the back posture by compelling you to sit straight thereby, providing needed support to your back. The better your posture, the more confident you are.

Bust line advantage: our nylon/ spandex shapewear with the open under bust is specially designed to make your chest more erect and attractive by effectively pushing in the armpit and back fat giving way to an impressive bust line and a beautiful hourglass figure. The shapewear, while accentuating the bust line, also helps to lifts and keep the bra in place. Which is of a tremendous benefit to women with large breasts, given the fact that it reduces back pain and pressure on the spine.

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Supports compression and perspiration for an excellent work out: our seamless bodysuit is an indispensable assistant for work out. As it enables tummy compression during the exercise and causes intense sweating necessary for a good work out session. For an excellent fat burning exercise never leave your bodysuit at home.

Postpartum recovery: naturally, most mothers find themselves desiring to gain back their former shape after child birth. This is understood, but when the long hours at the gym centre is not giving you the instantaneous go ahead to rock your fitted gown for that party; well, sharpex shapewear is the solution you need. As it is design to create high compression to the waist and abdomen reducing the waistline and sagging fat, thereby getting your body back to its former or a more pronounced and proportioned shape.

Boost in confidence and self esteem: every woman is beautiful and desires to be reminded about that. Our seamless bodysuit is purposeful at making you look great and it enhances your physical body features while helping your clothes fit in a more flattering way. Self esteem is developed when you love your self, and present yourself confidently.

Flexibility: our products are created to offer you comfort all the time. It has light edges making them easy to be worn under the cloth for every occasion, without giving itself away by creating a visible bulge on your cloth.


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How can I maintain the product?

For continuous effectiveness and delivery, it recommended to wash the garment by hand, no ironing, no dry cleaning, no chlorine bleaching, no machine washing to maintain its elasticity and shape.

If you want your seamless bodysuit to have a fresh look always, ensure to wash it after every work out session.

Remember, you are beautiful and you can make yourself more beautiful with our beauty enhancement tools. So don’t stay depressed at your looks, embrace this enlivening and satisfying beauty therapy, and you can also offer it as a gift to another sister.


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