Do you have some grand occasion setting to take place, with lots of dignitaries promising to make up the attendance? Are you unsure and displeased with your body form? And you silently prayed you were endowed proportionately. Or maybe you have these sets of gorgeous fitted dresses that you have not been able to accord them due usage. Then, the warm hearted news is that you do not have to remain ill-confident of yourselves any longer, because Salome women’s firm post c section girdle bodysuit shaper fajas colombianas is in love with your body and is finally yours for keeps. So for the passion of keeping you beautifully structured always, this product is specifically designed to enhance your body form to meet up with your desired hourglass shape. With this handled, be prepared to slay all you care and set willing necks turning at your direction the whole evening.


Salome’s bodysuit is concern with every tiny constitute of your comfort. Hence, it offers a range of benefits amongst them are:

All details concealed

this is like no other girdle that you have known, because Salome women’s bodysuit is discreetly fashioned with flat seams and slightly noticeable front zipper and inner hooks to facilitate stress less closure every time its worn. Since your confidence is paramount, this specialty is intended to enable you put on the bodysuit without betraying hints and details overtly. So you don’t have to worry about it sticking out or bulging through your dress, as all your anticipated fears and reservations was taken into consideration in the making of the product.


Post partum concerns

new mothers naturally desire to have their tummy fat shrunk and their pre natal figure back. Hence, the imposition of strict diet and weight loss program which sometimes is at the detriment of their new born baby. But you see, with all of that, your progress is still incommensurate with the efforts put.  But thanks to the compression enabled by Salome women’s bodysuit on your tummy area and the waist, a few inches are taken off your waist and giving you your desired hourglass shape in an instant. The pressure on the abdomen also aids in the quick shrinking of the fat by reducing the swelling and transiting of the uterus overtime. So all you need is a religious wearing of the bodysuit to derive positive and permanent results.


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Better posture

women are renowned for keeping up with a lot of stressing task, combining domestic work and the office demands. Some official work may involve you sitting for lengthy hours causing you to slouch overtime. But you need not to worry any more, as this product is deliberate in exerting pressure on your back compelling you to sit and stand erect to achieve a better posture. It also provides great support to the lumbar and relieves pack pains too. So you see, an hourglass shape grants you some added benefits too. You automatically amass tons of confidence with a corrected posture and a better performance at work


Your fancy gorgeous looks are now handy

looking fashionable and captivating is every woman’s dream but sometimes some imperfections get in the way and deprives you of flaunting that delectable gown in an evenly proportioned body. Thanks to Queen Catherine De Medici of France who place a prohibition on thick waist and imposed slimming solutions on the women in the 1500s. We now have more effective slimming solutions, popular and trusted is Salome women’s bodysuit which is purposeful in shaping your tummy area, compressing the torso, and accentuating the butt for a perfect feminine silhouette. A body form that you will be so confident walking with.

Weight loss is even better

the results of dedicated weeks and months of vigorous bodily activity will only be efficient with the complementary role of this premium bodysuit. The compression around the abdomen stimulates excessive perspiration during moments of exercise making room for more calorie burning. Aside from giving you the pear shape figure in a flash, this bodysuit offers you some emotional and mental gains like, compelling you to become more health conscious owing to the visible results recorded from it’s usage. It also helps in portion control. This invariably implies that wearing this bodysuit is advantageous to your weight loss program.


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Confidence enhanced

your confidence is crucial to your work performance and your personality. For that reason, this superior quality product with wider straps and girdle is deliberate in accentuating the butt and bust line for an appreciable hourglass figure.  More so, the polyamide and elastin make up of the product enables the lifting and securing of the bra, (this is of a huge benefit to women with large breast), and alleviating pressure from the spine. The power net technology on the external body of the product gives control over weak areas, and prevents muffin tops by hindering the tummy from sticking out.  Through the help of panty style, the butt also receives doses of enhancement to give you a sexier body impression. When you feel secured in your skin, it makes you love your body and exude some confidence and act “in charge” for a better performance at work.

Salome’s bodysuit is all about your convenience

this premium bodysuit and effective tummy control is intended to protect your skin from irritation that is common with wearing girdle.  Given its non-allergic cotton lining, and ease of movement which is also made possible by the power net external layer. Meaning, you don’t experience any form of constraints while walking as the case in other girdle. Your comfort in all areas have been taken to heart with the provision of adjustable straps for comfort, back support and easy restrooms functions.

No bounds wardrobe

now, this is getting even sweeter…The fantasies of decking your body with those awesome looking tight fitted are finally nearing reality with the effectiveness of Salome’s bodysuit. This product is careful in giving your body an instantaneous hourglass figure, making it absolutely possible to fit into every dress in your wardrobe, including the ones you previously could not, owing to some weak spots on your body, now enhanced and beautified by this product. Its also expedient to emphasize here that this premium bodysuit can be worn underneath any clothe for all occasions as it will leave any hint or gets visible through your dress.


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Know Your Size

saloma size chart

You can always count on Salome’s bodysuit for all your body enhancing therapy, because looking shapely in a well proportioned and attractive body remains every woman’s dream made possible by Salome’s bodysuit.


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