Experience shapewear like you’ve never before. The breathability of its fabric, elasticity of its fit and the illumination of your curves as the Robert Matthew grasps your body and accentuates your core features. This and so much more is what you’re in for with the high waist shapewear courtesy of Robert Matthew.   Yes ladies, we’re all independently beautiful and that’s a known fact. However, they are ways we can upgrade our self-embedded beauty even further, and that’s with this shape wear. Are you tired of not fitting into certain clothes? Do you want a toner physique? Or do you just want to look bomb as hell in your outfits? Well, you’re definitely in the right place, because for all our shapewear, we’ve got a Robert to your Matthew. Let’s get to it.


Why choose the Robert Matthew Women’s High Waist Shapewear?


Robert Matthew


Definitely before purchasing an item, you’d want to know its features, credibility and reviews. Well, we’re giving you all that plus a little more with this high waisted shapewear from Robert Matthew. However, if you’re looking for a fast answer as to why you should choose this shapewear above all others you’ve come across in stores, markets and even the internet, take this reason home with you. In just one sentence, you should choose the Robert Matthew highwaist women’s shapewear because this particular highwaist shapewear sold out in 24 hours and was labelled a ‘must have accessory’ by The Today’s Show, back in 2018. How’s that for convincing? Nevertheless, here are some of the core features of the Robert Matthew.


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Robert Matthew

  1. Made of premium quality spandex and nylon materials, this shapewear is designed to hug your core while being elastic enough to make you feel comfortable.
  2. This premium quality material is breathable, non-suffocating, very lightweight and highly impenetrable.
  3. It tightens and flattens the tummy regions.
  4. Depending on the size and adjustments, it could offer medium or firm control, based on the preference of the host.
  5. Possesses light boning.
  6. Will, not Roll



  1. The Robert Matthew Brilliance Women’s Shapewear High Waisted Mid-Thigh Boy Shorts doesn’t just slim the tummy, it also sculpts and reveals the hips.
  2. This shapewear is designed to offer back support whilst slimming the gut regions.
  3. It is made of breathable materials which are smooth and fine textured.
  4. It offers mid thigh slimming support and makes the thighs look toned.
  5. This shapewear offers instant butt tightening and toning effects, faster than the gym would.
  6. They are really seamless and are undetectable under leggings, jeans, tight dresses, etc.
  7. This seamless short cut design makes it comfortable, breathable and durable.
  8. They are versatile and can be worn under any outfit.
  9. It is great for women in their postpartum stages.
  10. It is very affordable and can be found on many retail outlets worldwide.


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  1. There’s a high chance of running into counterfeit f bought anywhere else other than at Robert Matthew Fashion. With the amount of counterfeit products in circulation, customers need to purchase directly from the Robert Matthew website.


How to wear?

Imagine the Robert Matthew Brilliance Women’s Shapewear High Waisted Mid-Thigh Boy Shorts is a jump suit or a romper. All you need to do is insert one leg first, or both at a time and pull it up to your tummy. It is lightweight and very breathable meaning you can wear it irrespective of how the weather is or what season you’re in.

Know your size

The Robert Matthew Brilliance Women’s Shapewear High Waisted Mid-Thigh Boy Shorts is available for women of all sizes. Here’s a chart to put you through.

Size chart

As seen on the chart there are shapewears for women from size 0-16 under the categories of XS, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2XL.


What does it cost?

You can get this item pretty much anywhere, however we found Amazon a secure & authentic place to buy from and added some links in this post for your convenient. We see an avarage price of 19.99$ .


Real life reviews

Here are some reviews by users of the Robert Matthew Women’s Shapewear.


  • Donna Cole on Nov 27, 2018

Worked really great on me

This is just as described. Really makes a difference in clothing. Worked really great on me! Great price too!

  • Lorraine Fisher on Nov 12, 2018

Excellent product.

Excellent product. Comfy. It’s thicker than the spanx one I have but it is more comfortable. Ordered another piece. Recommended store.

  • Cecilia Miles on Oct 22, 2018

Comfy and breathable

This is just as good as spanx but way more cheaper. I am postpartum with twins and they are very comfy and breathable. I can move around just fine in them. Keeps everything intact really well. Highly recommend.

  • Wanda Turner on Oct 04, 2018

I love them

I purchased this shapewear because I needed to get a new pair. This is the first time I have bought this brand, and might I add that I LOVE them so far. When I pulled them out of the bag I thought, there is no way that all of my junk is fitting into those. With a little help from my husband I got them on and they fit perfectly. The material is awesome. It holds everything in place.

  • Robin Brewer on Sep 29, 2018

Fits great.

Fits great. Has some lift and enhancement to my butt. Even after I remove my shape-wear I am impressed with the results of wearing this garment. It is important to note that each of these customers left 5 stars on their reviews.


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Nevertheless, the Robert Matthew Brilliance Women’s Shapewear High Waisted Mid-Thigh Boy Shorts works perfectly for women who desire to look their best regardless of what they’re wearing. This shapewear transforms their looks, accentuates their curves, tones their butt, flattens the tummy, thins the thighs and gives an overall sculpted look. It has a comfortable fit on diverse body sizes and it has the same effect on each size. For the total toned look, go for the Robert Matthew, the reviews are amazing and it’s really cost efficient.


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