Well, if you are not aware! Be informed that fitting in or sticking with just what you’ve got is no longer trendy. Oh yes! The new binge is sticking with what makes you happy with your looks, because “looking good is a good attitude” and you need to be secured in your skin too. You’re still wondering where this is leading to? You see! You have the right to be curvy figured, but that tummy fat only helps to frustrate and hinder the curviness, for that reason, Rago women’s high waist open bottom girdle with zipper is committed to ensuring you slay confidently. Because confidence is crucial and it is developed when you are certain of the way you appear.


Your intact gorgeousness

I love the structure of Kim Kardashian’s body you say, oh yes! I understand, every woman adores, naturally craves and wishes to be well endowed. Fortunately, this nylon and spandex firm control girdle is deliberate in giving you that smooth and sleek look everyday. With this, that Kim K’s. Most desired figure is clearly achievable in a flash.


Contouring made easier

because this exclusive designed shapewear is careful about your effortless body enhancing, it comes with invisible seam to effect excellent contouring and perfect control on the body. This it does by giving you the desired hourglass shaped without letting everyone know you have an enhancement mechanism beneath your dress thereby, allowing you flaunt your natural curves effortlessly.

Post-partum gotten better

this premium open bottom girdle high waist design is made with boning along the sides to encouraged compression around the tummy. The product also offers maximum support and gives drastic reduction to the waist line and the flabby fat for the purpose of restoring you back to your pre- pregnancy body form or even a better form. This high waist apparel is great in tightening the swelling of the tummy and easing post-natal pain. So you don’t have to wallow in self-hate when you can finally restore and alter what you are not comfortable with. All you need is this breathable garment in your wardrobe. One of the enormous benefits of this produced is the feminine silhouette created by the non-removal metal garters with Silverstone, which is insistence in keeping you in a perfect shape.


The product also gives great attention to your back wellness. For women who find themselves standing or sitting for prolonged periods, the steel bones on the sides is skilled in improving gradually your lumbar and correcting your spinal curve (in case of a previous accident). The pressure of the bones on your back also makes slouching impossible too, compelling you to sit and stand erect and firm.

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Oftentimes, complains of shapewear rolling is commonly heard and this inadvertently, frustrates performance and denies satisfaction. For this concerns, rago shapewear is discreetly designed with 9 flexible supports diligently placed throughout the garments to ensures a no rolling down of the garment, but making sure it remains in its place.

It cares for your cramps too

oh yes! It works on the cramps. How? The compression created by the high waist open bottom girdle puts pressure on the midsection as well as the peritoneal organs which also helps with the uterine contractions. This pressure helps alleviate pains in the midsection area.

Your confidence accelerated

the feeling of confidence is in the mind and the eye feeds the mind with every information to form opinions. Therefore, your body form must be convincingly beautiful before your eyes, xx for your mind to garner the necessary self esteem. Thankfully, the superior quality shapewear with spandex and nylon is purposeful in giving you the desired pear shape figure in an instant. It is also great in enhancing your natural curves while helping your clothes fit you in a flattering way. The look and feel of changes in the waistline, gives you the slimmer impression and is greatly responsible for the boost in confidence. Admit it or not, self esteem is a major determinant in a woman’s work performance. Meaning, with the high wide sturdy zipper for additional comfort you will certainly feel goodly confident.

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Your weight loss is evenly complimented

Sometimes, when the anticipated result of a weight loss program is a bit delayed in coming, its natural to be attacked with sheer discouragement and it will only take a great deal of disciplining and determination not to conform to the discouragement surge. But to remain consistent and hopeful. To this regard, the premium shapewear is diligent in providing tummy compression, triggering intense perspiration that facilitates fat burning whenever you engage in rigorous activities with the shapewear on. Because of the immediate and visible waist slimming result enabled by the product, it encourages you to become more health conscious. You find it unwise and constraining to consume large portions of food, thereby regulating your appetite and food consumption.

The double sided boning of the high waist design garment is consistent accentuating the butt, giving you a sexy and captivating look. It also works to eliminate the muffin tops too through the constriction of the tummy area, making you to fit into tight clothes.

The garment is so breathable and smooth as such the case of clothes sticking on your underwear is completely averted. Again, this product can be worn underneath for every occasion, and for every occasion

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Know Your Size

Rago size chart

For uncompromised performance, it is advised to give the product hand washing every time. Looking gorgeous is definitely possible and a must look, so why the hesitation? Get on and fraternize with this excellent quality product from Rago, you will wish you knew about it earlier.


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