It is only natural to fantasize about that killer body form on kim kardashian, Nicki Minaj and the rest, or you have become insecure with little or no confidence left owing to post-partum stubborn fat around the tummy, even with intensive working out and strict diet, your dream body still seems as “a mission impossible”. Then its time you indulge in waist training. Why do i need to train my waist? You may ask, the benefits we will bring to your knowledge through our array of quality efficient body enhancement products. That are completely safe without any harm to your health but brings you a step near a leading healthy lifestyle and saves you from fat related ailments like obesity.


Nebility waist trainer 

you wish to understand how your waist can be trained? Here is it, our waist trainer works in two ways. By offering your body that instantaneous hourglass figure and putting 3 to 4 inches off your waist when worn. Sounds unbelievable? But real, once you wear the trainer you can make the measurement yourself and be amazed at the instant result before your eyes. Secondly, it works by increasing perspiration around the abdomen. Our breathable, antibacterial and comfortable waist trainer is made of a blend of nylon and spandex.  With two shoulder straps and 3 rows of hook and eye closures. It also comes with a special feature of a “u” shape design to give you some curvy details by keeping the armpit and back under control and pushing up the breast.


Other benefits: nebility waist trainer is carefully designed to flatten the abdomen, reduce the waist line, expedite fat burning while exercising, and protects the spine.

On compression: It facilitates compression by providing instant abdominal compression at the same time comfortably supporting your spine.

Posture enhancement: for most working women that sit for prolong hours at work and tend to slouch which is bad. Our waist trainer is deliberate about correcting your posture through the compression activity that forces you to sit straight, thereby giving you more confidence expressed by the way you carry your torso.


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Work out compliant: nebility waist trainer is an indispensable tool for work out. It is discreetly designed to create tummy compression during tedious activity and help you sweat for a benefitting working experience. The seamless lace design of it makes it easy to be worn under clothes too.

It also projects the butt, and giving you a flattering sexy look. You can wear our waist trainer for every occasion like party, club, festivals etc.




Nebility shapewear: getting in shape will always be a pleasant fanciful desire for many women and with the affirmation of shapewear effectiveness by celebrities, its possible that only a few will still be in doubt about its efficacy.  Our multifunctional shapewear is discreetly made to flatten your abdomen, take some inches off your waist line and improve your posture. It also comes with a breathable fiber/ spandex blended soft material that are stretchable and very comfortable to be worn under clothes.


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Other gains:

efficient post-partum, nebility shapewear is particular about providing high compression to the waist and abdomen to bring down the waist line and flabby fat, and also helps the whole body get back to perfect shape. It is prescribed that the hourglass figure will only be possible through a consistent wearing of our shapewear.

Mental and emotional advantage: our shapewear can dictate for you the amount of food to take. How? With the compression on your tummy, the pressure controls the quantity of food you take anytime. Therefore, if you are deliberate about the hourglass figure, endeavour to wear our shapewear as an accompanying piece for a healthy diet and exercise.


Boosted confidence: we believe that every woman is beautiful and can even be made more attractive. Our shapewear helps to enhance your natural curves by making your clothes fit evenly on you in a more flattering manner thereby, boosting your self esteem. A sense of security and confidence can help you perform better at your duties.

Butt enhancement: our shapewear is very effective in helping to tighten and lift the bottom, to give out the curves and making you look beautiful and slender.

corsetNebility corset: is it possible for anyone not to wish they were endowed with the hourglass figure? I’m certain of none, but the cruel reality is that not everyone has it. Thankfully with nebility corset at your reach, you don’t just wish for it, you can create it. Really! Yes, in an instant, our stretchy flexible, smooth, breathable premium quality corset can help produce high compression on the tummy, forcing it to tighten the waist fat to build the beautiful small waist instantly, giving you the “neck turning” hourglass figure.  Our corset is specifically designed with the “u shape” to accentuate the bust line and make attractive the curves. Believe me you, you can only look more gorgeous with our corset.


Other amazing benefits: our corset is very effective at postpartum recovery, by minizing the protruding, and tightening the skin for a good tummy control.

Work out compliant: our corset promotes blood flow, and creates more sweat while you work out to loss weight in a bid to achieve the hourglass shape.

It is seamlessly and comfortably designed to be worn underclothes as it is very efficient in eliminating “muffin tops”.

Confidence stimulant: our corset is purposeful in concealing weak areas in our body and projects the rest. Making you to feel good and present yourself good too.

Waist cinchers: nebility waist cinchers are discreetly designed with breathable, antibacterial and comfortable blend of nylon and spandex to pull in the waistline and flatten the tummy. It helps to create you your small waist instantly, making your hour glass body dream possible. Our waist cinchers remains positive in weight loss, by restricting and regulating the amount of food you consume and burns the fat too.

The steel bones in it gives you a nice figure, making slouching difficult.  It also enhances your posture, by helping you to stand and sit rightly.


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Weight loss advantage, our waist cinchers are designed to build instantly and comfortably a defined proportioned body form for you.  The garment of the waist cincher is made to make you sweat harder by triggering thermal activity which increases your natural body heat for an efficient workout.  Our waist cinchers are experts in eliminating muffin tops through compression on the tummy, forcing it to tighten waist fat, and concealing extra lumps to create a small waist instantly.

Special -u- style, our waist cinchers are comfortably designed to push up the bust, due to the firm control, your chest is more attractive and erect. The breathable elastic garment can adapt evenly to skin, can also be worn under clothes.

Our waist cinchers are very helpful in post-partum care, they assure that you can slim down your tummy and create an hourglass body at a snap of a finger. Consistent wearing of our waist cincher will keep burning the fat, reducing your waistline and after a period of time your body takes on the desirable curvy features.

Care for our products. Like every treasured possesions we have and for our product to consistently serve you better, it is advised to wash the garment often so as to keep it free of bacteria. Hand wash is better preferred and a mild soap is recommended.


Nebility Size Chart



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