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Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Comfort Plus Step In Torsette

Plus-sized women often have low self-esteem. They look in the magazines and newspapers and all they see are size zero ladies strutting their stuff, living their lives and being comfortable in their own skin. For these larger women, that’s a luxury they do not have. Sadly, this is the society we live in today. Other times rather than loving themselves with all their flesh and curves, plus-sized women look for detrimental means to look skinnier. Using teas, bad diets and starvation to look the part.


Now, with the Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step In Torsette these women will not only look the part, but they’ll also feel comfortable and beautiful in all their plush curves. This waist trainer is designed and sculpted to suit all the shapewear needs of women who are on the plus size of things. This piece is about the features, characters, pros and cons of the Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step in Torsette. Let’s get into it.

Why choose the Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step in Torsette?

Naomi back

This waist trainer is specifically designed to accommodate everything the plus-sized woman possesses. One reason why one should purchase it is that it is seamless and doesn’t bend or give way to tummy lines or love handles. It tucks everything in very nicely and gives the impression of a slimmer waist, flatter tummy, and broader hips. The Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step in Torsette will do that and so much more for you.  You’ll finally look amazing in those bodycon dresses and outfits. Here are its statement features.



  1. This plus size waist trainer is made of 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane.
  2. Its material is thick enough to be effective and lightweight enough to be non-suffocating.
  3. The Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-size shapewear is made of high-modulus Tactel fabric which is designed to provide a smooth look for all-day wear.
  4. It offers no lines or riding up during wear.
  5. It gives a comfortable grip and firm control on the tummy and waist regions.
  6. It has smooth back bulldogs.
  7. Women get to wear their own bras and adjust the fit they want.


  1. It leaves no visible trace of a waist trainer.
  2. It is seamless and machine washable.
  3. It smoothes and flattens the tummy, as well as the back while it illuminates the waistline.
  4. There is a smooth and wonderful edge at the bottom of the torsette which holds it in place and prevents riding up or lines.
  5. The Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step in Torsette offers a good fit to women who crave looking good.
  6. It grasps the love handles and muffin tops it finds and works by flattening them all the way out.
  7. It is elastic and has a range of fit.


  1. The Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step in Torsette has no recorded cons or disadvantages.


How to wear?

It’s pretty easy to wear this plus size shapewear. You can wear it over your head like any other chemise or you could start from your feet up to your hips. But if you have really broad hips, it’s advisable you wear it over your head and adjust it all the way down for that perfect fit. Notice and relish your slim waist, flat tummy and broader looking hips courtesy of Naomi and Nicole, with the plus size waist trainer for curvy girls.

Know your size

This shapewear is made for the plus size women and hence it will accommodate all women who are above size 16. The sizes of this waist trainer are grouped into XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Hence, if you’re on the beautifully big side, you’ll surely get a waist trainer that is not only your perfect fit but designed and sculpted to match your every curve. These women should feel great in their skin and with all their curves, which is the reason for this extension in size.

Real-life review

The following are reviews made on the Naomi and Nicole Women’s Plus-Size Unbelievable Comfort Plus Step in Torsette from verified purchases.

  • Burnett om April 12, 2016

Smooths out what sticks out

“I’m a chubby chick, no doubt. And, I really needed to smooth down a roll or two to have a dress fit as it should. I have never used any type of shapewear, so I had no clue what to buy or do. Read some guidelines and thought I’d give this one a shot. GREAT CHOICE! It’s easy to put on. You just step in and pull it up. I was worried it would ride up or roll up, but it has some grippy bands along the bottom that gripped on the skin or on undergarments.


It was comfy. I was surprised. I expected to feel like 20 pounds of sausage crammed in a 10-pound case. But, nope, just felt like wearing a tight undershirt. But, not in a bad way. It worked! It smoooooooothed out my rolls and squishy bits. It made the dress fall just as it should. Added bonus: my back felt great. I had to fly the next day, and airline seats just kill me. I thought maybe the pressure would help, so I wore this under my t-shirt. It helped quite a bit! So, a nice benefit I wasn’t counting on. It cleans up well. I’ve washed it twice on delicate and hung it to dry. Still looks and fits like new. It’s not something I’d wear every day. But, when you need to hide your chub a bit, this is a great and comfy way to do so.”

There you have it, all the information you need to purchase the plus size waist trainer from Naomi and Nicole.


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