I do not know of any woman that gives a no thought to looking gorgeous. Naturally, every woman places importance to an awesome appearance for all occasions. Especially, with the trend of professional makeup and top notch dressing, it will be a great disservice to your personality to be careless about your overall look.  Agreeably, a drop bomb body is not every woman’s possession, thankfully with the prominence and assertions of the effectiveness of shape wears, every woman can create herself that dream body and also flaunt her natural curves with a renew confidence.  Even the men are not left out in this quest to develop a toned body structure and live healthy, this is evident in the crowd at gyms with abs decked with shapers, waist trainer etc. An effort to complement and expedite fat/ calories burning process.


Does shapewear really work? With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba vouching for it, shapewears are great at giving your body an amazing hourglass figure in an instance. This is does by taking off some inches from your waist when you wear it. The Maidenform camisole helps in giving your midsection a smooth appearance and doubles as a classic layer piece under your clothes. It also stimulates perspiration around the abdomen, causing you to sweat more than usual thereby, burning fat. However, this benefits are not derived overnight, it demands a lot of conscious efforts and consistency for desired results to be visible. Another point for emphasis is to have the right size of our product and with a healthy life style and exercises, your body begins to take the desired form of the “hourglass” figure.  When all these considerations are given due treatment, your dream body is sure setting to emerge.



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Abounding benefits of our Maidenform camisole and shapewear.

Instant feminine silhouette, the immediate result gotten from this shapewear is visibly commended.  Especially when Intense work out and strict diet could not grant this in a flash. Our figure flattering product with target at the tummy gives you this effortlessly through the polyamide and elastin composition of this shapewear.  In wearing this shapewear, compression is exacted on the abdomen thereby giving away some fats and inches off your waist to create you the slender, sleek smoother feminine silhouette.

Posture improvement: the super sleek luxurious fabric made shapewear redefines your comfort by providing back support and improve your posture. For women who sit or stand for extended or prolonged hours and tend to slouch. The shape wear is deliberately designed to straighten your back, forcing you to stand erect and making slouching impossible. With a corrected posture, your confidence is automatically tripled for a positive working spirit.

Lumbar support: The Maidenform camisole is built with elements to support the back, especially for women whose work description entails prolonged standing, sitting, and bending, wearing the camisole steadily provides a better physical support.

Post-partum care: the butter soft against the skin fabric shapewear is highly recommended to be worn after pregnancy to provide every support and compression your tummy needs to get back to its original shape. Yes! You too can regain your old body form; all you need to do is practice wearing it every day.

Weight loss assistant: this shapewear is an indispensable exercise tool, as the compression on the abdomen triggers intense sweating which is beneficial to working out process as this expedites burning of calories. In addition to that, the pressure from the camisole makes taking in of large food portions impossible, as it restricts your quantity of food consumption. Not only the visible effects, but it makes you fantasize or envisioned a slimmer body, thereby keeping you motivated at your resolve.


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Immediate solutions to body contouring: The Maidenform camisole is designed to give you everyday control targeting tummy smoothing to enable a perfect flattering fit under any cloth. Most importantly is the invisible seam effect, meaning that the Maidenform camisole can be worn without it giving out its hints. It allows you flaunt your natural curves effortlessly.

Butt and bust enhancement: this shapewear is discreetly designed with a flexible bust line to accentuate the bust line, pushing up the breast by making the chest more erect and attractive and keeping the bra in place, it also aids in relieving back pain and pressure from the spine. The butt equally protrudes evenly giving out a beautiful figure.


Self-esteem and confidence: I’m certain the isn’t a woman who doesn’t’ desire self-esteem. We are aware that every woman is beautiful and desires to look more beautiful to this regard, the Maidenform camisole is effective in covering weak locations and accentuating the good parts. The camisole is designed with longer length to minimize rolling up or down and wide hem to keep the tank top in place. This makes it sit perfectly on your torso to enhance your natural features, and giving you a great look, while helping your dress fit in an attractive and flattering way. A boosted confidence and self-esteem is a major determinant for success and good working performance.

Controls cramps: the Maidenform shape wears are deliberate at minimizing abdominal pains, the compression on the lower abdomen helps with the uterine contractions. This pressure alleviates pains in the midsection.

Keeps the shape all day: there is nothing desirable as flaunting a well-proportioned body all day. Maidenform camisole is perfectly designed to control your shape with our firm wide hem to prevent it from rolling up or down, it is also purposeful in ensuring your tight body figure is retained in its place the whole day.

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Care and maintenance

The Maidenform camisole and shape wear is discreetly designed to satisfy you always, however, these benefits can only be sustained when necessary measures are given attention. Your Maidenform camisole and shape wear are to be washed by hand, does not require ironing, no bleaching, no dry cleaning as not to damage the elasticity. It also advised to wash the garments after every work out session.

Finally, looking well is very crucial, because it shows how good you care about yourself and you can be an awesome inspiration or encouragement to another woman. So don’t just wear a regular camisole but, put on one with not just value but with benefits.



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