Do you know  that  self love is the one  of the major catalyst  for  confidence?  And self love is a psychological  attitude that resides on what information  influences  our perceptions.  This information  is what we see and hear,right?  So what  are  those ideas  you get or see when you look  at yourself  in the  mirror? As we know  that what you see forms your opinion. So the idea of loving  yourself  lies thereon what your eye beholds. As it is, you may be unsatisfied  with your  body  form and desire to have a more proportioned shape.  But the results from  intensive  working out  and  strict  diet adherence  is a little  delayed  in manifesting , but your  desire for an awesome lovable body is  still on the high.  Our exclusive best  and comfortable design of a body shaper is poised to offer you that  most  sorted  for hourglass  figure in an instant  that  you  will  sure fall in love with  over and over . So you don’t  just stop at wishing  you were like Kim Kardashian,  Tammy Riviera and,Beyonce. The good news  is that you too can create  their kind of curvy figure and rock your self confidence  effortlessly all thanks to Jenbou body enhancement  garments.


Butt lifter: The  details  every beauty conscious woman  desires to see is on the butt, especially  with the much prominence  garnered  from the  celebrity lifestyles, making  it become every  woman’s  desired  body  asset.  Even clothes  designer painstakingly design patterns that helps to accentuate  the butt region. Our body  shaper: made up of breathable comfortable polyester and spandex is designed  to  give compression  to the abdomen and stomach while lifting  the bottom into  an attractive  status. It enables  a full  midsection  remedy also ,owing to the additional steel bone that keeps the tight body shaper in place  and prevents the it from  rolling down on to your waist every time you wear it.

Our butt lifter  shaper  works by tightening the waist line to form a sexy waist line  and enhance  the butt,so you can have a body you love and proud to have . Other than  lifting  the body ,our  product offers a lot of benefits  among them: effective  tummy  control, the soft and breathable  polyester/ spandex is great at closing  in on the  fatty waistline  to build an impressive  shape for all occasions. The seamless lace  garment  becomes  invisible  under the clothes  as such, it can be worn for  any  event  both  special  ones too, to give you a very  beautiful appearance.

Lumbar support: sometimes, women that sit all day at work develop back and spine related anomalies, our quality  made waist trainer is specifically  designed  to effect compression on the waist  region  as a bid to offer support to the lumbar by relieving pain and making  better  your posture.shopnow[adinserter block=”1″]

Work out only  got better: our shapewear is made  to  provide tummy  compression during  exercising, it helps you perspire or sweat goodly to  burn calories  and achieve a more satisfying  work out. So next time you’re  visiting  the gym or working out  at home, endeavor  to put on your ever dependable  Jenbou shaper for an impressive results.
Waist training  looks evenly good
,Jenbou shapers gives your waist a cute and slimmed  body impression by also eliminating  “love handles”, prevent belly from sticking  out by taking  out 4 inches off your  waist line and  giving  you the desirable  hourglass  shape in a flash. At this, you can wear tight clothings or anything  you  like.

Improved postpartum recovery: for new  mothers,the next area  of concern  after the baby  is the still  bloated  tummy and exercising is not  a very pleasing idea  at the moment. Especially, when  a lot of things  are competing  for  your attention. But  you  still  desire  a “killer body” when  you need to step out,  our shapewear is deliberate to effectively  tighten up  the protruding  tummy , push up the bust line and shoot out the butt for  an attractive  hourglass  figure in little  time. You see! You can slay and  look your  best to anywhere  you need to immediately  after delivery .

The  shape wear also grants you the “u “ shape that contributes to the overall curvy figure.  It covers the flawed  areas and projects the rest ,making  your chest   pronounced  and erect,while  pushing out the butt for a perfect body.

Jenbou butt lifter shapewear


You can have your  confidence  greatly boosted: enough cannot  be said  about  the benefits  of  looking  good to self confidence. Our body shaper  only serves  to make  you  look great and enhance  your  natural  features  and also helps your dresses sit on you in a more flattering  gorgeous way. As you know, your  self  esteem  has an influence  on your daily  performance  and results. So open in  and embrace  the magical instant self confidence booster in our shapewear  for a happier and lovable  life.shopnow[adinserter block=”1″]

Do I still  need to waist train?

It’s possible  to still be in doubt about  our  product’s  efficacy,  here is a brief  summary  of the benefits to quell your  uncertainties.

Efficient  back support, the  steel bone helps to strengthen  the back and  prevents  you from  hunch  back  and slouching.

Visible  slimming effects, the compression concentrates around  the abdomen creating  a flattering  slim impression.


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