Staying in shape has always been the trend in every woman’s fashion culture because walking around with a thick waist has never been attractive especially after having a baby. You know! It’s very easy to admire celebrities with their slender hourglass. This bodysuit is specifically concerned with the tackling of unwanted fats and folds, as they are great at compressing the midsection, thereby giving you that dream body.
We already know how difficult it is to combat a protruding abdomen after childbirth, dealing with the love handles and all other fats at the wrong places are certainly not the thing any woman


loves to live with. However, Diane Geordi shapewear is deliberate in correcting these body issues and guaranteeing other benefits like:

Comfortable wear everywhere

The seamless design of Diane & Geordi shapewear allows for comfortable wear the whole day, it is also a perfect postpartum or C-section body support. this bodysuit is intentional in giving you that astounding slender figure; it can also be worn under any garment, because of the seamless nature of the wear, it does not bulge but stays invisible for all-day comfort. It is also a perfect undergarment for brides too as it remains neatly tucked under; while giving the needed support to the body.
Every woman is sexy and gorgeous with Diane & Geordi bodysuit.
Are you still in doubt about having celebrities kind of body? Well, you don’t have to anymore as the compression made possible by this bodysuit is aimed at taking some inches off your waist to give you the sexy figure every woman loves and desires to own. More so, the product comes with a butt lifting effect and this also gives complimentary support and enhancement to the butt, the tummy and the waistline. With Diane & Geordi shapewear every woman has the right to come out stunning, drawing attention her way and showing off her brand new hourglass figure.
The full body shaper is also made with great concern to fit in comfortably and perfectly into the body. Even if you are not well endowed with an awesome butt, this bodysuit is designed with firm materials and to lift the butt and boost your natural body form giving out an impressive figure the whole day.

Excellent tummy control

Managing a swollen tummy under a fitting dress can be a challenging and near-impossible task. Some of your clothes will remain for a long time in the closet with little hopes of seeing the day’s light because an unattractive bulge gets in its way every time it is worn. But you see, this product’s primary concern is the tightening of the tummy and the mid-section, concealing those annoying fats. It also adds as a great tummy flattening garment, the hook row and the elastane of the bodysuit, when worn consistently usually results in the permanent flattening of the tummy.


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Your postures have never gotten any better until…

Naturally, women whose working condition requires prolonged standing or sitting tend to have a slouching posture which further bends as they age on. But the use Diane & Geordi shapewear, will give compression to the waist and at the same time provides adequate support to the lumbar making you sit and stand upright. It also protects the spine and relieves waist pain too. When your posture is corrected and improved, it gives you renewed confidence knowing that you are looking ravishing.

A perfect workout companion

Burning calories and bursting stubborn fats have never been so easy like it is with Diane & Geordi shapewear. The bodysuit is very helpful in ensuring increase blood circulation and excess sweating which is beneficial in a work out session. With the visible results of the routine exercise, you will have the be motivated to put in more efforts.

Meal control made easy

The polyamide and elastane material of the bodysuit acts as a restraint or discipline to diet. The compression on the tummy often results in low appetite for food, making possible portion control which is of great benefit to weight watchers. So if you need some stress-free diet control assistant, then Diane & Georgi shapewear is just the perfect solution that guarantees.


Nothing like an unwavering confidence

When the folds or the unattractive bulge coming through your dress is making you feel insecure and unfashionable, then your self- esteem is seriously threatened and this could affect your job performance. For that reason, it is helpful to stick with the bodysuit, as the tightening of the midsection will reduce the inches on your waist to give that perfect feminine silhouette. This product is good in enhancing your natural features and also makes it possible for clothes to fit in a proper and flattering manner. with Diane & Geordi, every woman can have renewed confidence or boosted self-esteem.


Awesome bustline

Not just the tummy, even the bust line has the chance to get enhanced, the bodysuit is designed with premium materials that are intentional at pushing forth the bust area while accentuating the curves for a well-proportion figure that will set necks turning in your direction the whole day. You know! Looking attractive is important…
You also have a broad wardrobe benefit
With Diane & Geordi shapewear, you are not constrained to a particular dress pattern. Because the bodysuit is designed to meet all your body form/ figure needs, you have the liberty to look astonishing and sexy in every outfit. As it is consistent in compressing those annoying muffin tops and tucking the fat in where it belongs to ensure you stay gorgeous in every dress. So without further delay, you can get smashing in that body-con dress for the next dinner night out.
In addition to that, the bodysuit is carefully made with a superior material for a seamless look, making it regular wear for every occasion as it remains unnoticed
With Diane & Geordi shapewear, you too can create for yourself the models kind of body and drool over yourself the whole day. Always keep in mind that you do not have to stick along with the body you have, the is a chance to improve on your body form and look great all the time.

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Know Your Size

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