The Co’Coon Classic Latex Waist Cincher 1512 is an anti-allergy shapewear garment for individuals who want all the advantages of waist slimming shapewear but have an allergy or intolerance to latex. It makes use of anti-allergen latex to retain all the advantages of a latex waist cincher without any of the health-related disadvantages. Hook and eye closures located in the front of the garment are adjustable, allowing the Co’Coon shapewear to shrink with the wearer as she loses weight.


This classic latex waist cincher extends from under the bust to the tops of the hips, slimming the stomach and waist. It can shave up to two inches off the wearer’s waist size, enhancing the body’s natural curves and creating an alluring hourglass shape. Thermal Rubberflex panels make workouts more effective and help the wearer shed excess pounds. Cotton panels inside the shapewear help whisk away perspiration produced during exercise to the keep the inside of the garment dry and comfortable


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Co’coon Latex Waist Cincher Features

  • Reduce waistline up to 3 sizes instantly
  • 100% latex that boosts thermal activity
  • Two rows of hooks and eye closures on soft ribbon
  • Boosts thermal activity
  • Corrected more confident posture
  • Slims stomach and waist
  • Anti-allergy latex
  • Adjustable front hook-and-eye closures


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