Undersummers women’s ultra soft classic slip shorts

We’re wondering just how prepared you are for the summer season that is renowned for announcing its hot presence with the high temperatures, leaving you sweaty most of the time. This humidity often poses a lot of discomfort to your dress freedom, and because your peace is important, you naturally find yourself desiring some liberty…

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Sonryse 086 women slimming bra shapewear fajas colombianas

Hello gorgeous! Its about time you got value and satisfaction for your money. Believe me when I tell you that regrets and disappointment from previous purchases have finally gotten a lasting solution and you are about to daze your yourself with the body transforming look made possible by sonryse slimming bra shapewear and bodysuit. This…


ChongErfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap

As a woman, bringing forth life is one of the greatest experiences you are privileged enough to share in, however the evidence of it doesn’t go away on its own and the lack of confidence lingers. While you may feel and look bloated, unattractive, anything but yourself, there’s a solution to get you back in…


90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear

For fitness enthusiasts, I’m certain that no matter how rewarding your exercises are, you still loath the experience of getting drenched in your sweat and giving away musty odour later. You naturally find yourself wishing for some alternative work out clothing that will not only give you comfort but impact positively on the calorie burning…


Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear Long-Length Tank

As a woman, you’re conscious about your body by default. But what if you didn’t have to be? What if there was something you could wear that would boost your confidence and give you the physique you crave? Well, there is and it’s in form of a shapewear tank. Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear Long-Length Tank…


Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Comfort Devotion Cami

I do not know of any woman that gives a no thought to looking gorgeous. Naturally, every woman places importance to an awesome appearance for all occasions. Especially, with the trend of professional makeup and top notch dressing, it will be a great disservice to your personality to be careless about your overall look.  Agreeably,…

Shaperx Seamless Firm Control Shapewear

Through the ages fashionable women have always searched for ways to make themselves evenly beautiful and be able to walk confidently. Because, confidence is crucial for every individual’s wellbeing and performance. For the woman, confidence is not only developed when you have wealth of knowledge about any subject but also when you know you look…

Robert matthew

Robert Matthew Brilliance Women’s Shapewear

Experience shapewear like you’ve never before. The breathability of its fabric, elasticity of its fit and the illumination of your curves as the Robert Matthew grasps your body and accentuates your core features. This and so much more is what you’re in for with the high waist shapewear courtesy of Robert Matthew.   Yes ladies, we’re…

Jenbou women’s Hi-waist body shaper

Jenbou women’s Hi-waist body shaper

Do you know  that  self love is the one  of the major catalyst  for  confidence?  And self love is a psychological  attitude that resides on what information  influences  our perceptions.  This information  is what we see and hear,right?  So what  are  those ideas  you get or see when you look  at yourself  in the  mirror?…


Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest

It is only natural to fantasize about that killer body form on kim kardashian, Nicki Minaj and the rest, or you have become insecure with little or no confidence left owing to post-partum stubborn fat around the tummy, even with intensive working out and strict diet, your dream body still seems as “a mission impossible”….

Body Shaper

Gotoly Invisable Body Shaper High Waist Tummy Control

Looking good and lovely is certainly every woman’s desire with an evenly defined proportioned and beautiful figure.  Thanks to contemporary realities that has positioned everyone in a close relationship with models and celebrities. The star power in these celebrities makes convincing and attainable their lifestyle, attitude and preferences to a lot people. For the women,…

ann chery powernet full bodysuit geraldine 1018

Ann Chery Women’s Geraldine Body Shaper

This waist slimming shapewear is a compression bodysuit that will smooth both midsection and hips as it tightens your thighs. It takes off inches instantly, enhancing butt, breasts and legs, creating the shape that you’re looking for. This tummy control shapewear by Ann Chery features an abdominal zipper that adds extra support and makes it…

CoCoon Full Body High Compression Shapewear

Co’Coon Full Body High Compression Shapewear

It can be a challenge to find quality postpartum or post-surgery shapewear, but the Co’Coon Full Body High Compression Shapewear – 2193 offers the ideal combination of the all-over support typical of high compression shapewear with slimming coverage that will help you remain comfortable and promote your body’s quest to regain firmness. This example of…

Top 10 Best Body Shapers in 2018 Reviews – Best Shapewear For Tummy Control

What is A Waist Trainer?

There has been increased buzz around waist trainers. With the increase in celebrity endorsements and social media advertising they are become more popular by the day. But what is waist training? It is important to know the history and purpose behind the latex waist cincher to understand if it is an appropriate choice for you….

CoCoon Everyday Support Tummy Control Camisole

Co’coon ShapEager Faja T-Shirt Seamless Straps BIO-Crystals

Want shapewear that slims and smooths, but is still practical and comfortable for everyday wear? The Co’Coon Everyday Support Camisole – 2501 delivers on all fronts. This cute Co’Coon Shapewear camisole is perfect for wearing under dresses, blouses or casual tees. You can even sport it solo as part of your regular workout gear. Adjustable…