Ann Chery Post Pregnancy Strapless Bodysuit Shirly 4013

This tummy control shapewear by Ann Chery is a fabulous choice for a full body suit that is comfortable enough to wear all day long. It will instantly reduce your waist and lift your butt, making you look great in whatever outfit you plan on wearing. This high compression shapewear features a front internal latex tummy panel that will promote weight loss as it boosts your thermal activity. This tummy panel, combined with the shapewear’s butt lifting power, ensures that you will have a reduced waist and butt that’s positively perky. There are no hooks and no zipper, giving you nothing but smooth and shapely lines under any fabric. The straps are removable, turning it into a strapless bodysuit shapewear that even works well under a strapless dress. For your greater convenience, there is an opening in the crotch area making it easy to use the restroom without having to take everything off. With this full body suit you will get the great looking butt and tummy you’re looking for without sacrificing comfort.

Strapless Body Shaper Benefits:

  • No hooks or zipper
  • Beautiful lace finish
  • Soft cotton interior
  • Removable straps
  • Opening in crotch
  • Beige or black

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