For fitness enthusiasts, I’m certain that no matter how rewarding your exercises are, you still loath the experience of getting drenched in your sweat and giving away musty odour later. You naturally find yourself wishing for some alternative work out clothing that will not only give you comfort but impact positively on the calorie burning activity while controlling sweat.

Again, if you are among those women that crave to give themselves some flattering look in a pair of Capri, then 90-degree high waist tummy control shapewear is just your ready solution.


The highwaisted Capri made out of polyester, nylon and spandex is discreetly designed to give you maximum effectiveness during your workout and fitness program. This it does by stimulating your body temperature to make more benefitting the exercise procedure which also serves to increase your metabolism causing more calories to be burned, giving way to an attractively lean and toned body structure.

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This shapewear is a lifestyle design that merges performance, comfort and style to give you maximum convenience when wearing.  As it comes without zippers and fairly tight on the waistband, giving great support to people with bladder control problems. The product is also designed with human physiological needs consideration, I.e. providing ease to nature calls. It can be pulled up and down when the need arises, thus making it an excellent companion for long distance trip. Similarly, the convenience of the tummy control Capri makes it most suitable for all types of exercises, like dancing, jogging, running, walking and yoga.

A flattering figure doesn’t hurt!

There is nothing encouraging as seeing the evidence of your workout endeavour. This athleisure high waist Capri is streamlined to fit and to give you a strong confident look. With yoga Capri becoming a staple outfit in every woman’s wardrobe, its important to insist on the colour, style and size that best suits your body form or shape most, to enable the product enhance your figure delectably and flatter it evenly. So whatever figure you have, fat, tall, short, pear shape, this smooth and breathable tummy control Capri will hold and sculpt your shape definitely to your delight.

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Hygiene assurance: agreeably, cotton is the breathable and most skin friendly garment, but when it comes to exercises, cotton becomes less attractive and unhelpful to the progress of the physical activity. Owing to the fact that cotton absorbs sweat and stores up most moisture giving you a damply wet feeling, but with the sweat and moisture wicking ability of this 90-degree light breathable special shapewear you are set to stay dry and rebound regardless of how much you perspire. The excess moisture clears from your skin, giving you a fresh and dry feeling in the body through the work out session and after.

But why the priority on work out clothes?  Fitness enthusiasts have overtly avouched the effectiveness generated from appropriate and comfortable work out clothing. They maintained that work out clothes are greatly beneficial to the health than exercising with the regular clothes, judging from the above emphasis against cotton fabric for workouts.

Work out garments are designed to render assistance and maximum support to the exercising process and not pose some avoidable constraints on the wearer. You see, loose fitness wears could accidentally get in contact with an equipment putting you in a potential risky situation similarly, and too tight wears could equally pose some difficulty to your movement. To this regard it becomes crucial selecting the proper workout leg fitted wear that forestall skin irritation that is caused by wrong exercising garment.

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The gusseted crotch of the high waist Capri helps to encourage free movement, the interlock seam reduces rubbing and chafing. It is also an incredible perfect fitness wear for yoga and other fitness interest.  In addition to that, the spandex, nylon and polyester smooth sweat free pants gets you troubled free as you don’t have to worry about musty sweaty smell from your body after an intense workout. You can even go shopping or to the movies or attend to your other interest from the workout studio without going home to change your clothes.

In addition to convenience, this exclusive design of tummy control Capri has taken into consideration your possible needs while wearing it. As it comes with a hidden pocket in the waistband for you to safe keep whatever you need to keep from your phones to keys and money etc. With this, you can go out conveniently without the need to take your wallet with you.

Because this product is poised to rendering you the best and optimum satisfaction from season to season, every new collection integrates and incorporate the latest trend in athleisure and high end fashion, to ensure you workout and wear your yoga pants fashionably and with style always.


Excellent blood circulation,
exercising with the tummy control yoga Capri, ensures your blood flow is evenly stimulated and gets lactic acid accumulation decreased. How? When you engage in vigorous activity your calories burn, making the blood pump oxygen to the muscles causing lactic acid to build up a by product which is responsible for the pain and fatigue we feel later. However, this experience can be minimizing or averted with the appropriate and recommended 90-degree yoga Capri.  You see! Now you can work out and still remain “fit as a fiddle”. To carry on with your other engagements without cuddling up on the bed to battle fatigue.

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Accelerated confidence: nothing beats the feeling you get when you know your clothes sits perfectly flattering on your body. This affordable and comfortable high waist shape brand is soft and stretchy, deliberate at compressing your abdomen to give you the most desired pear shaped figure thereby triggering self love and appreciation which automatically boost your confidence, encouraging you to perform better, as you will naturally function and be at ease with the knowledge that your garment is firm and strong as you are. I bet you sure want to rock this shape wear for any occasion, casually, informal outings, and to relax with at home, too.

Its greatly important that you maintain your effective shapewear with regular cold water washing together with clothes of similar colours for unhindered effectiveness to be sustained.


It has been proven that our work out clothes are of a huge benefit to our health, for this reason it remains expedient to embrace an excellent and result- purposed work out garments that are consistent in offering you a more functional, rewarding and a benefiting physical activity.


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